SmartTech: Grounded in Safety. Advanced in Technology.

SmartTechLLC was created out of a desire to incorporate smart proven technology that would bring a multitude of additional benefits to operators around the world. Until now, this level of technology has not been available. Essentially, we wanted to provide a different and better way to service the truck and railcar transport industry.

The LOGIC controller has been developed for single-point, top-loading operations. It provides multiple truck and railcar grounding options, with enhanced features such as: monitoring potential overfill, monitoring loading arm position, enabling dead-man control, and can log external environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity, all in one enclosure.

The simple visual interface allows the operator or terminal manager to immediately see operational issues and activities via a pre-set menu. Real-time wireless communication to the terminal automation system is made simple with the LOGIC Terminal Grounding System.

SmartTech is part of the SixAxis family of modern manufacturing brands, proudly forging a legacy in Andrews, SC. View current career opportunities at SmartTech.

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