Innovative Brand Marketing

In 2002, two sales guys went out independently because they thought they could do things better. Built from dirt floors up, SixAxis has grown into a sustainable, integrated enterprise of innovative, market-facing brand solutions, all with compliance and safety at the forefront.


At SixAxis, our mission is to provide optimal quality, American-made products and services chosen by employers across many different markets to help obliterate the leading cause of injury at work (slips, trips, and falls) while keeping operators safe and efficient and, therefore, businesses productive and profitable.


SixAxis manufactures a diverse array of innovative products and solutions that are made to give your business a competitive edge while keeping your workers safe. From fall protection to loading racks and access ramps, you can rest assured our innovative range of solutions and products surpasses what’s currently expected in the industry.


Sure, we’re proud of our innovation, but the exceptional people behind it are what set us apart from our competitors. Our sales team serves customers worldwide, supporting the growing number of safer and more efficient workplaces across a wide range of markets, from food & beverage to bulk chemicals to aerospace & defense.

Despite the consistent growth of our company, we are fully committed to keeping our company homegrown. While others outsource work overseas to reduce costs, we’re thriving across domestic and global economies with efficient processes, advanced technology, and a highly-skilled team of professionals firmly rooted in the United States of America.

You Rely on Us.

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The Occupational Health & Safety New Product of the Year was awarded to SafeRack’s GX Gangway in the Fall Protection/Prevention category.

8th Wonder of the World

ErectaStep is manufactured with the strict brand ethos that fall-prevention and safety products can be innovative, fast to ship, easy to assemble, and surprisingly fun, as our in-house marketing launched an imaginative follow-up to last year’s ad promoting ErectaStep products as the “The 8th Wonder of the World.” The viral video hit social media channels last week and follows the mummified Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu on his quest to find a safer and more efficient way to build pyramids for some friends, quote, “In a place far…far…away.”

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