YellowGate: One Gate. Fits All. Stops Falls.

YellowGate bears the universal color of caution, signaling our role as a leader in manufacturing the most recognizable and trusted safety gates. We manufacture versatile swing gates that can be mounted on ladders and work platforms for added fall protection with a universal mounting bracket that can be affixed to any surface – wall mount, round or square tube, and angle iron – while ensuring adjustable swing direction and tension to guarantee secure closure.

Adjustable traffic gates at the worksite, as well as handrails that serve as protective rooftop railings and crowd control barriers, are all precision manufactured aluminum products finished in our trademark safety yellow. Easy to assemble, OSHA-compliant and maintenance free, our gates are proven to secure and protect without holding anything back when it comes to performance.

YellowGate is part of the SixAxis family of modern manufacturing brands, proudly forging a legacy in Andrews, SC. View current career opportunities at YellowGate.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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"Uncomplicated orders! Ordering is easy! Our orders are always delivered on time."

Purchasing Lead
Poet Design & Construction HQ

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"Good Construction and Very Reliable.The salesman was responsive with my doubts and answer all the questions."

Miguel Cruz
Bristol-Myers Squibb Mfg Company

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"Very responsive, quick to return email… Prompt service. Product is easy to install. We can install on several different wall systems."

Marty Ozuna
Halvorson Cont. Group

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"I really like the construction, the easy install, and bolt on plate that comes with the kit. i purchased a total of 100 safety swing gates on two occasions and each time the gates were delivered ahead of schedule. The quality of your product assured that we had safety on the top of our list!"

Charlie Dovel
Chesapeake Mechanical & Coatings

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"Ease of install, fit, finish and universal application. Jason Stewart was very responsive to our needs. Anyone can see how easy compliance could be with this product."

Derek Peace
Silver Eagle Refinery Inc.

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"Your product looked superior to other safety gates, plus the amount of opening adjustments. I purchased 10 gates. After assembling the first one, it was simple for the other 9."

Jerry Sudderth
King Steel Inc.

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"Very responsive. I went to the website, sent and email and received a response with in the hour, plus good follow up after purchase. Quick shipping, great price, very versatile well built product."

Richard Nelson
Weyerhaeuser NR Company

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"The ease of installing our new universal safety gates, saved us time and money, which time is essential when dealing with safety. The univeral safety gate swings in both directions, and it can be mounted easily to almost anything. I really appreciate that we can inventory one gate for all services at our facility."

Barbara Rodriguez
Sinclair Wyoming Refining Company

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"John Nance was actually on site prior to place the order. Very good impression! Saferack is a major player in this market. With the ease of installation, good quality, and competitive prices, I would definitely buy again."

Dorin Marian
The International Group

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"YellowGate is a company with great service, a quality product, safety aspects at a good price."

John Blair
Motion Industries, Inc.

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"Delivery was extremely fast. Mark Gardner was very courteous and helpful. With the ease of installation and cost savings of a complete unit, plus its versatility (left or right) completion (already painted) and lightweight make a YellowGate the simple choice. We will no longer have our safety gates fabricated. We will purchase these gates for all future installations."

Don Brimmer
Lucite International

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"Delivered as scheduled. Able to meet more client needs with stock in hand is very handy. Easy product to handle, and a very important product for the oil and gas industry. Very satisfied."

G.C. Mohan
Flexiflo Corp.

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"No negatives all positive. Sales personal was accurate, knowledgable and too the point. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a safety gate. It was installed by our own staff easily and quickly without any mishaps."

Steve Perry
Old Castle Retail

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"Top notch, simple easy process getting order placed. The purchase experience from initial contact with sales to delivery at one of our remote sites was smooth and without effort. Great communication on status of order until delivery. Packaged very nicely with everything you need. "

Allan Steiner
Bureau of Reclamation

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"Incredibly fast. We had an emergency need for a customer, so we picked one up, in Andrews, the same day. Kim Anderson was very helpful. The customer is very appreciative of the fast service, when they had an emergency need for the product. They were very pleased to be able to get the gate the same day."

Pierce Webster
Dillon Supply

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"Yes for simplicity, expedited delivery, and when we can help our client conform to safety regs, everyone wins! It is always a pleasure working with your staff. I think they deserve a paid weekend trip to Disney! Just Sayin!"

Linda Broecke
SPEC (Sarnia) Ltd.

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"Very responsive. All I ever need to do is email, and my orders are placed and shipped with no hassle, even though we are in Canada. Your one stop for safety and railcar needs. "

Twila Wolfe
Nalco Canada Co.

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"Customer service went above and beyond. Needed something that fit in a specific location and something that would be corrosion resistant… Reduces our need to replace a chain every time we enter the production floor"

Jason Bagley
Compass Minerals

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"Cost effective. Looks good. Easy transaction. Quick delivery. Easy to install."

Daryl Brye
Gundersen Health System