OSHA-Compliant Bulk Loading Safety and Access Solutions

SafeRack delivers elevated loading rack and safety cage solutions to companies that place a premium on worker safety. We engineer, manufacture, supply and install platforms to meet any project’s unique specifications. Using galvanized steel gangways, platforms, safety cages, and fall-prevention railings and gates, we customize terminal and mobile units to maximize safety and performance. Importantly, we can install and assemble a stand-alone loading system within hours.


Marine Gangways for Ship-to-Shore Safety

MarinaStep provides marine users with a wide range of safe access solutions between marine barge or ship and shore. Our solutions stem from the core competency and knowledge gleaned from our SafeRack safe access gangways and our mass customization philosophy. MarinaStep offers both standard and custom equipment built from sturdy marine-grade aluminum; from simple inland river access to complex ocean-going applications, we have the solution.

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Aviation & Aerospace Stairs and Platforms

AeroStep builds upon our philosophy of mass customization. By combining proven ErectaStep components with custom OSHA-compliant components, aviation sector employees can safely access all parts of an aircraft during manufacture, maintenance, or repair processes. The solutions that we provide can be specific to an airframe if required, as well as adaptable to multiple applications. When wrapping our product around hard-to-access work areas such as the aircraft frame or engine, our solutions ensure safer, easier access. This leads to improved productivity and reduced risk of injury from slips, trips or falls.

Modular, pre-engineered pipe rack systems enable fast construction

Pre-Engineered Racking to Accelerate Your Project

ErectaRack creates pre-engineered pipe rack systems for customers that rely on heavy-duty piping to transfer a variety of materials including chemicals and other liquids. Our modular pipe rack systems come in T, U, 2-tier, and 3-tier designs and are ready to withstand environmental elements and uphold the weight specifications of any industrial pipe project.

As a result, we disrupt traditional on-site engineering and fabrication processes by taking months out of the pipe rack construction process. Cost-effective and easy to construct without any field welding, our pipe racks enable industries to be up and running with quick solutions that provide precision technology and uncompromising quality that endures.


SafeRack, MarinaStep, AeroStep, and Erectarack are part of the SixAxis family of modern manufacturing brands, proudly forging a legacy in Andrews, SC. View current career opportunities at SafeRack.

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Very responsive. This product is easy to set up, move, and change to a different configuration if needed… stability, interchangeable, light weight.

Chris Jones
MarkWest Liberty Midstream

He was the most responsive salesman I have ever dealt with. Standard model could be modified to meet my application. Costs less than I could have it designed for. Costs less than I could have it built for. Easy installation.

Project Manager
International Paper