SafeRack: Orange. Safety has a New Color.

SafeRack delivers elevated loading rack and safety cage solutions to companies that place a premium on worker safety. We engineer, manufacture, deliver and install platforms to meet any project’s unique specifications. Using galvanized steel gangways, platforms, safety cages, and fall-prevention railings and gates, we customize for terminal as well as mobile units to maximize safety and performance.

We can install and assemble a stand-alone loading system within a matter of hours. Our spill containment systems meet stringent U.S. EPA compliance measures making sure that oil, fuel and any hazardous materials are captured and reclaimed. It also means our pledge to safeguarding the environment is every bit as strong as our commitment to providing the safest, OSHA-approved loading systems possible for today’s workforce.

SafeRack is part of the SixAxis family of modern manufacturing brands, proudly forging a legacy in Andrews, SC. View current career opportunities at SafeRack.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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"The SafeRack gangways are always high quality. SafeRack products are high quality and long lasting with minimal maintenance issues if any. Customer service, sales, engineering, and product quality are always excellent with SafeRack."

Kevin Schenker
Delta Terminals Services, Inc.

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"Jon Verlander was supportive and very co-operative during our purchase process. We like the golden cage, which gives additional security to the operator. SafeRack products offer us value for our money, long life, space saving and flexible use almost anywhere."

Ashish Moghe
Dover India Pvt. Ltd

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"Very fast and responsive turn around, even when we had a few design changes and had to come back to the plant to measure and review our change request. The ease and smooth use of the hydraulic lifter and the added safety of the cage, brightness, safety message on ramp in closed position."

Bill Sweeney
Equistar Chemicals, LP

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"Spot on, responded to my email right away. Very fast delivery and good quality product."

John Jackson
Tetra Technologies Inc

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"Jeff Giard did an excellent job with the presentation of different models, giving us a good idea what we needed to purchase for our needs. The product meets the plant needs, easy stair access, easy to move from one spot to another, fall protection rails fits most all trucks."

Howard Wilkinson
REG Geismer

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"SafeRack product benefits are 1. Excellent appearance. 2. Easy to use. 3. Provides excellent protection for users."

Jack Holm
Holcim (US) Inc

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"User friendly and SAFE! Well built and built to customers needs.The quote was received in a timely matter. The sales team was friendly and professional. The unit is built well and to our exact needs. "

Kyle Ammann
Glacial Lakes Energy LLC

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"A quality product that will be seen by many when installed! Benefits include stability, robustness, this product is going to make the existing catwalk look inferior!"

Rob Dickson
SPEC (Sarnia) Ltd.

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"Adjustable height and moving direction for type of service. Compact size, light weight for moving by service people. "

Bong Soo Kim
Kolon Industries

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"It was delivered as promised ASAP. Everyone I dealt with at SafeRack was very professional and thorough, going above and beyond to get this order to us. We found that our SafeRack is more important than we thought, once we were without it. "

Anchor Industrial

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"The return on investment far exceeds any expectations or goals. We used to take product samples from rail cars as well as open vent hatches for unloading. This can now be done at our unloading zone as opposed to hundreds of yards down the track where our stationary stand resides. "

Michelin North America, Inc.

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"I am using the product as a platform for servicing a pressure vessel for ease and element of change out. I like the availability and how easy the product fit to my project. We are saving about 4 weeks and a ton of money by going with this option."

Project Coordinator
SPX Flow Technology

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"I would estimate saving seven to ten thousand dollars per year with this solution. We have several of these in use at our plant and they have proven to be well made and hold up well. The aluminum design has saved use cost due to drivers being able to raise them easier and not letting them get hung on the trucks."


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"Excellent service all around. Helped on some of our customization aspects. We liked the team approach from initial info discovery to final product review from this survey. Very professional. "

David Shaw
Factor Gas Liquids Inc.

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"With our confidence in SafeRack, we knew when Molly said they could meet the delivery date we could count on it."

Keith Johnson
Operating Partner
NuStar PL

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"Safe, Good Quality, Looks good. I would recommend SafeRack for the simple fact they take care of their customers."

Richard Harris
Terra International Inc.

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"Delivery was great. Got the gangway in two days.Good communication kept us posted… Requires less than 35 pounds to lower or rise. No pinch points. Meets OSHA/MSHA guidelines."

Hector Leal

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"Built to the drawings, no issues in erecting. Quality in design and materials. Speed of delivery over competitors."

Rhory Anthony
Axeon Specialty Products

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"Product quality and service exceeds expectations. Very responsive. Great follow up. Quality service after the purchase…Very reliable. Easy to retrofit. Easy to improve per customer changes."

Greg Brant
International Paper-Prattville

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"Light, well built and adaptable. We have purchased them numerous times and are very satisfied with the service we get form the equipment."

Steve Taylor

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"I feel the SafeRack product is superior at a competitive price. Fred went out of his way to ensure the project came to a successful completion. Everything was as advertised."

Mike Cochran
Mississippi Sand

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"Easy to install; Fair price; Very functional; Excellent product; Excellent quality"

Project Engineer
Rowell Chemical Corporation