Core Values

We do the right thing every time,
even when it’s not easy.

Safety and Compliance

At SixAxis, we ensure that our employees, and those of our customers enjoy the safest, most productive, and most compliant work environments. Period.


At SixAxis, we deploy quality assurance procedures that ensure consistent quality with the highest level of integrity. These are often customized to our customers’ needs.


SixAxis and all its affiliates conducts business respectfully, ethically, honestly, and in full compliance with the law. We believe that how we conduct ourselves is as critical to our success as is making the best solutions in the world in our field of operations. Our Business Conduct and Compliance policies are foundational to how we do business and how we put our values into practice every day.

Commercial Excellence

We have world-class Sales and Marketing teams for our customers to experience consultative, relationship-based, and truly informed commercial experiences.

Speed to Market

Time is not only money but perhaps our most collective scarce resource.  SixAxis invests heavily in technology and resources to compress our time-to-solution.

Operational Excellence

SixAxis utilizes world-class operations and Lean Daily Management Systems.  Investments in people, plant & equipment, and process clearly differentiate us.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

SixAxis was launched by two sales-guys-turned-entrepreneurs who, in 2002, quite literally built a company from dirt floors up.  This spirit continues to drive us.

Code of Conduct

SixAxis is committed to the highest ethical and business standards and to upholding all federal and state laws and regulations related to its business practices.
Business Code of Conduct