What Our Customers Are Saying

Very responsive. This product is easy to set up, move, and change to a different configuration if needed… stability, interchangeable, light weight.

Chris Jones
MarkWest Liberty Midstream

He was the most responsive salesman I have ever dealt with. Standard model could be modified to meet my application. Costs less than I could have it designed for. Costs less than I could have it built for. Easy installation.

Project Manager
International Paper

Uncomplicated orders! Ordering is easy! Our orders are always delivered on time.

Purchasing Lead
Poet Design & Construction HQ

The SafeRack gangways are always high quality. SafeRack products are high quality and long lasting with minimal maintenance issues if any. Customer service, sales, engineering, and product quality are always excellent with SafeRack.

Kevin Schenker
Delta Terminals Services, Inc.

Good Construction and Very Reliable.The salesman was responsive with my doubts and answer all the questions.

Miguel Cruz
Bristol-Myers Squibb Mfg Company

Very responsive, quick to return email… Prompt service. Product is easy to install. We can install on several different wall systems.

Marty Ozuna
Halvorson Cont. Group

Future orders will be coming for other products because of performance. Customer service worked very closely with our customer to fulfill your needs. We purchased for our customer…. safety factor was very important.

Dan Logsdon
Choctaw Kaul Dist – Detroit

Quick delivery, already painted, easy to install, good customer support and a lower cost alternative to shop fabricated structures.

Plant Engineer
MOP Terminals

I really like the construction, the easy install, and bolt on plate that comes with the kit. i purchased a total of 100 safety swing gates on two occasions and each time the gates were delivered ahead of schedule. The quality of your product assured that we had safety on the top of our list!

Charlie Dovel
Chesapeake Mechanical & Coatings

Jon Verlander was supportive and very co-operative during our purchase process. We like the golden cage, which gives additional security to the operator. SafeRack products offer us value for our money, long life, space saving and flexible use almost anywhere.

Ashish Moghe
Dover India Pvt. Ltd

Ease of install, fit, finish and universal application. Jason Stewart was very responsive to our needs. Anyone can see how easy compliance could be with this product.

Derek Peace
Silver Eagle Refinery Inc.

The product is already onsite and ready for assembly. I cannot move this fast with the onsite maintenance manpower. Fantastic job! We have several ErectASteps already onsite. The quality and ease of assembly and flexibility are all great benefits of this crossover.

Jerry Hilgendorf
Nustar Logistics, LP

Very fast and responsive turn around, even when we had a few design changes and had to come back to the plant to measure and review our change request. The ease and smooth use of the hydraulic lifter and the added safety of the cage, brightness, safety message on ramp in closed position.

Bill Sweeney
Equistar Chemicals, LP

The product added improved safety to my operation, does not take up much room and makes the operators line of sight a lot better. With the area that this product is being used in my facility, the overall length was going to be an issue having the version with steps on it. So, I ordered ours with a ladder instead of the steps, and it worked out perfectly.

Lynn Lehman
Energy Solutions

Your product looked superior to other safety gates, plus the amount of opening adjustments. I purchased 10 gates. After assembling the first one, it was simple for the other 9.

Jerry Sudderth
King Steel Inc.

Outstanding delivery time. If it wasn’t in stock for immediate delivery, I would have gone to another supplier. ErectaStep had the item ready to go. This product improves safety for my staff, cutting down their time moving around the yard.

Suresh Daljeet
Yellowline Asphalt Products Ltd

Spot on, responded to my email right away. Very fast delivery and good quality product.

John Jackson
Tetra Technologies Inc

I would recommend this product as it performs very well for the purpose for which it was purchased. The design worked very well for the rail cars it was purchased for, with simple accessibility, ease of movement and product strength.

Bill Smith
California Steel Industries, Inc.

Very responsive. I went to the website, sent and email and received a response with in the hour, plus good follow up after purchase. Quick shipping, great price, very versatile well built product.

Richard Nelson
Weyerhaeuser NR Company

They were very helpfull in helping us get what we needed.They also made phone calls to confirm the order was right and what we needed. Cost is right.Your people are easy to work with. Saves our insulated piping, safer for our personnel, easier access to our inner tanks. High quality, easy construction, and the finished product makes our tank farm look good.

Greg Elsenpeter
CHS Inc.

Jeff Giard did an excellent job with the presentation of different models, giving us a good idea what we needed to purchase for our needs. The product meets the plant needs, easy stair access, easy to move from one spot to another, fall protection rails fits most all trucks.

Howard Wilkinson
REG Geismer

Quickly from design to fabrication and finally delivered. Allows safer, easier access to our food trucks for service needs. Easy to transport and set in place. There is also a huge amount of work space inside the basket. Key benefits for us were Safety! Sound Structure! All aluminum!

Richard Freeman
Disney Worldwide Services, Inc.

The ease of installing our new universal safety gates, saved us time and money, which time is essential when dealing with safety. The univeral safety gate swings in both directions, and it can be mounted easily to almost anything. I really appreciate that we can inventory one gate for all services at our facility.

Barbara Rodriguez
Sinclair Wyoming Refining Company

Great easy to read shop drawings, aluminum construction and OSHA Certified. Shipped immediately. The product went together well and was a perfect fit.

Beau Bruso
Miller Bros. Construction, Inc.

SafeRack product benefits are 1. Excellent appearance. 2. Easy to use. 3. Provides excellent protection for users.

Jack Holm
Holcim (US) Inc

Products were delivered earlier than estimated date. Stephen Todd and your engineering staff has always been quick to respond to all of our requests. I would reccomend all of your modular equipment.

John Mesclier
The Boeing Company

John Nance was actually on site prior to place the order. Very good impression! Saferack is a major player in this market. With the ease of installation, good quality, and competitive prices, I would definitely buy again.

Dorin Marian
The International Group

Our cross over stair was expedited as per our request…Our salesperson worked with your inside sales and got it thru customs quickly…great service…great product. The product is flexibility, looks good, solid, feels good, safe.

John Sealey
London Hospital Linen Service

User friendly and SAFE! Well built and built to customers needs.The quote was received in a timely matter. The sales team was friendly and professional. The unit is built well and to our exact needs.

Kyle Ammann
Glacial Lakes Energy LLC

A custom order we designed at boeing with assistance of SafeRack. This TR Series fits the need of our mechanics, can be used in different areas, easy to move and use. The product is well worth the money spent and good quality to last for years.

Aaron Pedersen
The Boeing Company

YellowGate is a company with great service, a quality product, safety aspects at a good price.

John Blair
Motion Industries, Inc.

This is my second purchase within 6 weeks. Very sturdy, easy to install and the ErectaStep rep was very responsive.

John Sealey
London Hospital Lien Service

A quality product that will be seen by many when installed! Benefits include stability, robustness, this product is going to make the existing catwalk look inferior!

Rob Dickson
SPEC (Sarnia) Ltd.

Everything was fast, efficient from the time i ordered it until the time I received the RollAStep. Our representative was very friendly, answered all of my questions promptly and was very knowledgeable. The product works great in our warehouse, increasing Increased safety, manageability and cost effectiveness.

Martin Jeirles
Appalachian Drilling Services, Inc.

Delivery was extremely fast. Mark Gardner was very courteous and helpful. With the ease of installation and cost savings of a complete unit, plus its versatility (left or right) completion (already painted) and lightweight make a YellowGate the simple choice. We will no longer have our safety gates fabricated. We will purchase these gates for all future installations.

Don Brimmer
Lucite International

Your range of products is very useful and high quality that is easy to use, easy to install and uninstall, and easy to transport because can split to part by part. I would recommended your ErectAStep product because we can add more parts to change the configuration, height and wide compared with other products.

Amran Mat Zanggi
OGCF Engineering (M) SDN BHD

Adjustable height and moving direction for type of service. Compact size, light weight for moving by service people.

Bong Soo Kim
Kolon Industries

We had a great experience with your company. Thanks for all your support!

Tammy Lippert
A3IM – Corporate

Delivered as scheduled. Able to meet more client needs with stock in hand is very handy. Easy product to handle, and a very important product for the oil and gas industry. Very satisfied.

G.C. Mohan
Flexiflo Corp.

Good product that was delivered on time. The platform is light weight, easy to assemble and disassemble, and never needs painting.

Randy Pegram
Colonial Pipeline Company

It was delivered as promised ASAP. Everyone I dealt with at SafeRack was very professional and thorough, going above and beyond to get this order to us. We found that our SafeRack is more important than we thought, once we were without it.

Anchor Industrial

Customer service and sales worked together to meet our invoice and payment needs. It was our first time doing business, and they made sure order went through without any delays. Items arrived much quicker than I anticipated.

Dave Henn
Progress Rail Services

No negatives all positive. Sales personal was accurate, knowledgable and too the point. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a safety gate. It was installed by our own staff easily and quickly without any mishaps.

Steve Perry
Old Castle Retail

I am saving about 3 weeks fab time and about $5,000. I’m using the ErectaStep product to create a cost effective solution vs a custom fabricated product. Quick shipment, easy installation, and quality product. Sales folks were very accommodating and responsive making me feel very comfortable and as if I was a partner.

SPX Flow Technology

The return on investment far exceeds any expectations or goals. We used to take product samples from rail cars as well as open vent hatches for unloading. This can now be done at our unloading zone as opposed to hundreds of yards down the track where our stationary stand resides.

Michelin North America, Inc.

My salesman was excellent. he got back with me very quickly on all my requests and was very informative. My MP Series RollAStep was excellent quality, vert light weight and stable. We are safer in the jobs we used to do before we bought this product.

Brian Shreffler
Nucor Steel Kankakee

Top notch, simple easy process getting order placed. The purchase experience from initial contact with sales to delivery at one of our remote sites was smooth and without effort. Great communication on status of order until delivery. Packaged very nicely with everything you need.

Allan Steiner
Bureau of Reclamation

Pat is a lot of fun to talk too and was very helpful. Easy to work with no pressure and Pat gave us names of other customers that would be willing to show us the product. We plan to use it daily in our truck bays to help when unloading coils. This will keep the truck drivers untarping their loads much safer.

Lean Specialist
at Material Manufacturer

I am using the product as a platform for servicing a pressure vessel for ease and element of change out. I like the availability and how easy the product fit to my project. We are saving about 4 weeks and a ton of money by going with this option.

Project Coordinator
SPX Flow Technology

Good quality product, safe, easy to use, easy to maneuver, and great customer service.

Bobbette Outlaw
VSE Corporation

Incredibly fast. We had an emergency need for a customer, so we picked one up, in Andrews, the same day. Kim Anderson was very helpful. The customer is very appreciative of the fast service, when they had an emergency need for the product. They were very pleased to be able to get the gate the same day.

Pierce Webster
Dillon Supply

Overall the product is durable and exceeds in performance. Installation was simple. Product was delivered within 2 weeks. There were three different orders and one was during the holidays. All were delivered in a sufficient timeframe.

Mike Shultz
Gudgel Yancey Roofing

I would estimate saving seven to ten thousand dollars per year with this solution. We have several of these in use at our plant and they have proven to be well made and hold up well. The aluminum design has saved use cost due to drivers being able to raise them easier and not letting them get hung on the trucks.


Jason is our super hero! We call him Captain America… he’s great! It took longer for us to issue the PO than it did to get the product! Thanks Again!

Troy McCrery
L-3 Communications

Yes for simplicity, expedited delivery, and when we can help our client conform to safety regs, everyone wins! It is always a pleasure working with your staff. I think they deserve a paid weekend trip to Disney! Just Sayin!

Linda Broecke
SPEC (Sarnia) Ltd.

Overall the product is durable and exceeds in performance. Installation was simple. Product was delivered within 2 weeks. There were three different orders and one was during the holidays. All were delivered in a sufficient timeframe.

Mike Shultz
Gudgel Yancey Roofing

Excellent service all around. Helped on some of our customization aspects. We liked the team approach from initial info discovery to final product review from this survey. Very professional.

David Shaw
Factor Gas Liquids Inc.

Very responsive. All I ever need to do is email, and my orders are placed and shipped with no hassle, even though we are in Canada. Your one stop for safety and railcar needs.

Twila Wolfe
Nalco Canada Co.

With our confidence in SafeRack, we knew when Molly said they could meet the delivery date we could count on it.

Keith Johnson
Operating Partner
NuStar PL

Product was delivered within a week. Good quality that serves my need. I would recommend this product for Cost and ease of installation.

Buddy McCumbers
Georgia-Pacific Passport

Scott Hite was very responsive. Communication flowed well. They had representation on site within a matter of a day or two prior to placing the order. Questions and concerns were answered in a timely fashion.

Jody Schroeder
Hess Corporation

Safe, Good Quality, Looks good. I would recommend SafeRack for the simple fact they take care of their customers.

Richard Harris
Terra International Inc.

Very easy to work with and install. Product arrived early than expected which helped out a lot. We were able to get installed on a down day

Jeremy Rybak
Worthington Industries

High Quality. We liked the easy assembly, quality, customer service and price.

Andrea Kluever-Jewkes
Fluor Industrial Services

Standard modules allow for easy design. Very good. Rustin was on top of all email questions….Great communication, quick invoicing.

Chris Mueller
P&G Manufacturing Co.

Customer service went above and beyond. Needed something that fit in a specific location and something that would be corrosion resistant… Reduces our need to replace a chain every time we enter the production floor

Jason Bagley
Compass Minerals

Delivery was great. Got the gangway in two days.Good communication kept us posted… Requires less than 35 pounds to lower or rise. No pinch points. Meets OSHA/MSHA guidelines.

Hector Leal

Cost effective. Looks good. Easy transaction. Quick delivery. Easy to install.

Daryl Brye
Gundersen Health System

Built to the drawings, no issues in erecting. Quality in design and materials. Speed of delivery over competitors.

Rhory Anthony
Axeon Specialty Products

The whole experience with safe rack start to finish has been amazing. Very responsive. There were communications issues on my end and they were diligent in making sure I was taken care of by other means because they hadn’t heard from me. Excellent customer service, fantastic product, easy to use and everything I needed to do the job was there.

Ryan Newton
Clark Public Utilities

Product quality and service exceeds expectations. Very responsive. Great follow up. Quality service after the purchase…Very reliable. Easy to retrofit. Easy to improve per customer changes.

Greg Brant
International Paper-Prattville

Light, well built and adaptable. We have purchased them numerous times and are very satisfied with the service we get form the equipment.

Steve Taylor

I feel the SafeRack product is superior at a competitive price. Fred went out of his way to ensure the project came to a successful completion. Everything was as advertised.

Mike Cochran
Mississippi Sand

Easy to install; Fair price; Very functional; Excellent product; Excellent quality

Project Engineer
Rowell Chemical Corporation