The Most Important Person at SixAxis is You

Every team member, from welders and technicians to executive leadership and sales teams play an important role at SixAxis. We value the skills that each bring to help us keep our customers and their facilities safe. We believe in you and hope you’ll join us.

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We Are Innovators

See a solution?

Make it happen. It’s in our nature to innovate.

We’re proud of our trailblazing technology, but the minds of our innovative team behind it are what truly make SixAxis shine. By integrating cutting-edge robotics with our skilled human workforce, we’ve driven our labor rate from 38 to 7% without any layoffs. In fact, we’re looking for qualified candidates to grow our team.

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Relocate to Beautiful South Carolina

Steeped in diverse culture and rich history dating back centuries, South Carolina’s Atlantic coast is known for its pristine beaches, charming communities, and mild climate. To learn more about what makes our home so special, visit the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce

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SixAxis Headquarters is based in the U.S., and we’re committed to keeping things homegrown. While other industrial companies outsource work overseas, we’re supporting our domestic economy by keeping our operations closer to home. Our processes are efficient, technologies advanced, and our staff is highly skilled. We’re thriving across the local and global economies and hope you’ll join us.


Challenge isn’t just accepted. It’s required.

To many, challenges can seem intimidating. But at SixAxis, we build our careers on them.
We believe in embracing challenges to face the future head on.

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It’s about people and community

Helping those who need a helping hand is a virtue that binds us all together here at SixAxis