Doug Odum Promoted to Chief Operating Officer at SixAxis

We are excited to announce Doug Odum’s promotion to Chief Operating Officer at SixAxis. This advancement is a testament to Doug’s remarkable journey with SixAxis, reflecting both the expansion of his role over the past year and his pivotal contributions to our company’s growth.

In his new capacity, Doug will continue to spearhead the drive towards operational excellence, ensuring that our operations across SixAxis not only meet but exceed our standards of efficiency and effectiveness. His role is crucial as we navigate the path of expanding our business, and this title change is a nod to his increasing responsibilities and the significant impact he has on our operations.

Doug’s tenure with SixAxis spans over fourteen years, during which he has taken on roles of increasing responsibility within our Operations organization. His journey is marked by a steadfast dedication to excellence, a passion for team building, and exemplary leadership qualities. These attributes have been instrumental in our company’s success and will undoubtedly continue to be so as we look to the future.

Doug’s promotion is well-deserved and we’re excited to see the continued positive impact of his leadership on SixAxis and are confident in his ability to propel us to new heights.

Doug Odum – Chief Operating Officer