SafeRack’s GX Awarded Fall Protection/Prevention Product of the Year

GX Awarded 2020 Fall Protection/Prevention New Product of the Year by Occupational Health & Safety

Andrews, South Carolina, October 5, 2020 — The Occupational and Health Safety New Product of the Year Awards were announced last month and SafeRack’s new GX Gangway claimed top prize in the Fall Protection/Prevention category. Now in their 11th year, the annual awards acknowledge outstanding achievements by industry leaders working to improve safety in the workplace. 

Winners will be recognized in the November/December issue of Occupational Health & Safety magazine. They are also featured on Occupational Health & Safety’s industry-leading website,

According to OH&S, this year’s contest attracted entries in 26 award categories, including the addition of a category for products created to protect against infectious disease. An independent panel of highly qualified judges selected the winners. Judge Linda Sherrard, MS, CSP, Safety Consultant II at North Carolina Department of Public Safety says, “This year’s list provides thoughtful, timely products that will enhance your program and improve workplace safety, often at the fraction of the cost of one on-the-job injury. 2020 has an exceptional group of new products in many categories that make selection easier than ever—delivering you some of the best the industry has to offer.”

OH&S editor Sydny Shepard explains, “We have been celebrating innovation and products optimized to keep workers safe for over 10 years. This year, safety products and services are being recognized on a global scale, bringing greater awareness to the important work completed by manufacturers in the industry. Now more than ever, it is of the utmost importance to keep workers and employees safe from emerging and existing workplace hazards.”

SafeRack consistently offers the highest quality fall protection safety equipment across all industries worldwide. Rob Honeycutt, co-founder and CEO of SafeRack explains the evolution of the GX, “With repetitive strain injuries topping the list of liabilities reported by employers across the globe, we knew the GX would be the ergonomic solution to fill the gap.” The patented unibody structure optimizes the longevity of the gangway components so customers can expect the GX to outlast anything else on the market. “We know how important it is to ensure workers get home safe every night. Our innovative products are designed with their safety and your productivity in mind,” says Honeycutt.

The GX also features several patent-pending design improvements to increase the product’s durability and longevity. “Anytime we can reduce the number of welds required, we can count on a longer-lasting product. We also guarantee the GX will require less maintenance over the lifetime of the product,” explains Honeycutt.

The new GX Gangway is the next generation of North America’s best selling loading access G4 gangway for truck and railcar loading operations. Introduced in 2009, SafeRack’s flagship G4 gangway was unlike anything else on the market, addressing safety issues presented by other gangways. The GX goes far beyond, incorporating the patent-pending Retractalok system. This revolutionary technology assists the operator in lifting the gangway almost effortlessly with instant positive locking, which enhances operator safety while on top of the vehicle. 

About SafeRack & SixAxis

SafeRack has been providing access and safety systems to the truck, rail, ship, aviation, and aerospace industries using state-of-the-art technology since 2003. Their award-winning products and patents have helped support the efforts of industry-leading Fortune 500 companies such as Boeing, Dow, and Coca-Cola.

SixAxis was founded by Fred Harmon and Rob Honeycutt [LinkedIn] in 2002 to deliver high-quality loading rack and fall protection solutions to companies around the world. In addition to SafeRack, product-specific brands such as ErectaStep, RollaStep, YellowGate, AeroStep, and MarinaStep have been developed to engineer and manufacture innovative products that increase safety and boost productivity. For information about how SixAxis is changing the world of manufacturing, visit