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SixAxis Secures Utility & Design Patents on Ingenious ErectaStep Products

October 28, 2019

Andrews, South Carolina – October 29, 2019 — Adding to a growing list of over 24 innovative proprietary industrial designs, SixAxis, LLC secured U.S. patent 10,358,871 in July of this year on behalf of its ErectaStep brand. The product line is ingeniously simple, composed of 5 OSHA compliant modular components designed with an infinite number …

SixAxis’ ErectaStep touted as the “8th Wonder of the World” in an unprecedented national media campaign

October 29, 2018

Andrews, South Carolina—Already recognized as the world leader in manufacturing loading platforms and fall-protection products, SixAxis launched a clever and comedic national media campaign through their in-house creative marketing agency red7 last week promoting ErectaStep, their line of industrial modular stairs, catwalks, and handrails designed to increase safety and efficiency for some of the world’s …

Falfurrias Capital Announces Strategic Investment in SixAxis

September 21, 2017

Falfurrias Capital Announces Strategic Investment in SixAxis SixAxis is a leading manufacturer of safety equipment, including SafeRack, ErectaStep brands   CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Sept. 21, 2017) – Falfurrias Capital Partners (“FCP”), a Charlotte-based private equity firm focused on investing in growth-oriented, middle-market businesses, and SixAxis LLC (“SixAxis”), the leading manufacturer of advanced products that increase worker …

SixAxis Statement Regarding Hurricane Harvey

September 4, 2017

On behalf of the entire SixAxis family, our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those impacted by this devastating storm. We know for certain that many of our employees, dealers, and customers in the area have sustained significant damage and hardship as a result of this historical disaster. SixAxis is contributing $5,000 to …

ErectaStep Expands Facility and Product Line

August 28, 2017

ANDREWS, SOUTH CAROLINA —  (August, 16, 2017) – Continuing with their commitment to providing world class stairs and access platforms, today, ErectaStep announces the introduction of three new products designed to fill the demand for higher quality metal stair kit solutions to serve the commercial and architectural marketplaces. ErectaStep is to begin production of four …

New ways of thinking lead to opportunity and growth

May 18, 2017

By Andrel S. Langely SafeRack co-founders Fred Harmon and Rob Honeycutt stand in front of the global company’s 225,000-square-foot facility in Andrews, S.C. Not seeing any virtue in simply doing things the way they’ve always been done has led to grand things for SafeRack co-founders Rob Honeycutt and Fred Harmon. SafeRack started in 2003 when …

About the buying experience

June 16, 2016

How one manufacturer streamlined quoting and grew 500 percent in six years. Metal fabricators have a history of growing through word-of-mouth. Many companies go for years, sometimes generations, without hiring a single salesperson. It’s just the nature of this manufacturing sector dominated by small, multigenerational family shops. Few say their company is “sales-driven.”

PerfectaStep – Chris Jones

March 23, 2016

Very responsive. This product is easy to set up, move, and change to a different configuration if needed… stability, interchangeable, light weight.

ErectaStep – Plant Engineer

October 23, 2015

Quick delivery, already painted, easy to install, good customer support and a lower cost alternative to shop fabricated structures.

ErectaStep – Jerry Hilgendorf

September 26, 2015

The product is already onsite and ready for assembly. I cannot move this fast with the onsite maintenance manpower. Fantastic job! We have several ErectASteps already onsite. The quality and ease of assembly and flexibility are all great benefits of this crossover.

ErectaStep – Suresh Daljeet

September 26, 2015

Outstanding delivery time. If it wasn’t in stock for immediate delivery, I would have gone to another supplier. ErectaStep had the item ready to go. This product improves safety for my staff, cutting down their time moving around the yard.

ErectaStep – Greg Elsenpeter

September 26, 2015

They were very helpfull in helping us get what we needed.They also made phone calls to confirm the order was right and what we needed. Cost is right.Your people are easy to work with. Saves our insulated piping, safer for our personnel, easier access to our inner tanks. High quality, easy construction, and the finished …

ErectaStep – Beau Bruso

September 26, 2015

Great easy to read shop drawings, aluminum construction and OSHA Certified. Shipped immediately. The product went together well and was a perfect fit.

ErectaStep – John Sealey

September 26, 2015

Our cross over stair was expedited as per our request…Our salesperson worked with your inside sales and got it thru customs quickly…great service…great product. The product is flexibility, looks good, solid, feels good, safe.

ErectaStep – John Sealey

September 26, 2015

This is my second purchase within 6 weeks. Very sturdy, easy to install and the ErectaStep rep was very responsive.

ErectaStep – Amran Zanggi

September 26, 2015

Your range of products is very useful and high quality that is easy to use, easy to install and uninstall, and easy to transport because can split to part by part. I would recommended your ErectAStep product because we can add more parts to change the configuration, height and wide compared with other products.

ErectaStep – Randy Pegram

September 26, 2015

Good product that was delivered on time. The platform is light weight, easy to assemble and disassemble, and never needs painting.

ErectaStep – Landon

September 23, 2015

I am saving about 3 weeks fab time and about $5,000. I’m using the ErectaStep product to create a cost effective solution vs a custom fabricated product. Quick shipment, easy installation, and quality product. Sales folks were very accommodating and responsive making me feel very comfortable and as if I was a partner.

ErectaStep – Lean Specialist

September 23, 2015

Pat is a lot of fun to talk too and was very helpful. Easy to work with no pressure and Pat gave us names of other customers that would be willing to show us the product. We plan to use it daily in our truck bays to help when unloading coils. This will keep the …

ErectaStep – Mike Shultz

September 22, 2015

Overall the product is durable and exceeds in performance. Installation was simple. Product was delivered within 2 weeks. There were three different orders and one was during the holidays. All were delivered in a sufficient timeframe.

ErectaStep – Mike Shultz

September 22, 2015

Overall the product is durable and exceeds in performance. Installation was simple. Product was delivered within 2 weeks. There were three different orders and one was during the holidays. All were delivered in a sufficient timeframe.

Erectastep – Buddy McCumbers

September 22, 2015

Product was delivered within a week. Good quality that serves my need. I would recommend this product for Cost and ease of installation.

ErectaStep – Jeremy Rybak

July 23, 2015

Very easy to work with and install. Product arrived early than expected which helped out a lot. We were able to get installed on a down day

ErectaStep – Chris Mueller

May 23, 2015

Standard modules allow for easy design. Very good. Rustin was on top of all email questions….Great communication, quick invoicing.

ErectaStep – Ryan Newton

January 23, 2015

The whole experience with safe rack start to finish has been amazing. Very responsive. There were communications issues on my end and they were diligent in making sure I was taken care of by other means because they hadn’t heard from me. Excellent customer service, fantastic product, easy to use and everything I needed to …