Governor Haley Takes Tour of SafeRack

Governor Haley takes tour of Saferack

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While she was in town Wednesday, Gov. Nikki Haley visited the Saferack Manufacturing plant near Andrews. The plant is now expanding to double its size and will add at least 50 jobs. Haley told the employees after a tour of the facility that she was impressed with the work they do at the plant. “You are doing things here that are state-of-the art — things that you won’t see anywhere else,” Haley said.

“Our job is to keep you doing what you are doing. When a company like this is doing well it helps people see that South Carolina is a great place for industry and it helps us bring more companies to our state.” Doug Odum, production manager at the plant, said he was proud to welcome the governor. “I love the fact that Gov. Haley is willing to branch out into small towns and not just concentrate on big cities,” Odum said. “I have a lot of pride working for a company that is expanding and investing its capital back into the company. When a company like ours grows it creates interest in our community from other companies.”

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