SafeRack Podcast – How to Prepare for a Successful Modular Stair & Ramp Installation

Episode #5 – The SafeRack Podcast with Upside Innovations Billy & Eli

If there‚Äôs one thing we know for sure, things change fast in the modular construction industry. Last-minute design changes and a long list of variables over which we have very little control can impact the budget and timeline for your modular installation project, and our integrated Apex System was designed to make adapting on the fly easy and affordable.

In this episode of the SafeRack Podcast, guest hosts Billy Lippert and Eli Boyd from Upside Innovations discuss how the Apex System makes ramp deck step installations straightforward and successful. Topics covered include project estimates, proper budgeting, leg anchors, stacked designs, installing surfaces, proper measuring techniques, anticipating common variables, assessing site conditions, ADA ramp heights, last-minute site changes, passing inspection, and making sure the material matches the specifications for your project. Modular industry challenges are common, but our Apex system ensures the product delivered is well-matched to the final design.