SafeRack secures patent for the innovation GX loading gangway, the world’s most ergonomically advanced truck and railcar gangway.

ANDREWS, SOUTH CAROLINA March 22, 2022 —SixAxis, the global leader in industrial bulk loading safety equipment, has secured a patent on the GX, the most ergonomically advanced and #1 selling gangway in North America. The original G4 gangway was introduced in 2009 and was SafeRack’s flagship product, addressing safety issues presented by other truck and rail loading systems on the market. The GX Gangway was released in 2020, incorporating the proprietary Retractalok system power-assist technology which allows operators to lift and lower the gangway with the push of a foot pedal and the simple pull of a rope. The GX is the next generation in SafeRack’s gangway technology, improving productivity and throughput while enhancing safety for workers in the loading industry.

With repetitive strain injuries topping the list of liabilities reported by industrial employers across the globe, the GX mitigates the need for manual lifting while loading or unloading. Named the Occupational and Health Safety Magazine’s New Product of the Year in October of 2020, the GX claimed the top prize in the Fall Protection/Prevention category.


The Occupational Health & Safety New Product of the Year awarded to SafeRack’s GX Gangway in the Fall Protection/Prevention category.

SixAxis has been providing access and safety systems to the truck, rail, ship, aviation, and aerospace industries using state-of-the-art technology since 2003. Their award-winning products and patents have helped support the efforts of industry-leading Fortune 500 companies such as Boeing, Dow, and Coca-Cola.

About SafeRack & SixAxis

SixAxis was founded by Fred Harmon and Rob Honeycutt in 2002 to deliver high-quality loading rack and fall protection solutions to companies around the world. In addition to SafeRack, product-specific brands such as ErectaStep, RollaStep, YellowGate, AeroStep, and MarinaStep have been developed to engineer and manufacture innovative products that increase safety and boost productivity. For information about how SixAxis is changing the world of manufacturing, visit